Intelledox Infiniti – Check out what we’ve been working on

We’ve been busy preparing our next major software update for Infiniti, version 9. The new version is packed with updates and and we wanted to give you a quick peek at its key features.

See what makes Infiniti Version 9 more Adaptive, Mobile ready, Cloud enabled and loaded with powerful Analytic capabilities.

UsabilityEnhanced Usability & Ease of Access
Numerous theming & accessibility improvements provide a much more user friendly interface
Web BasedMobility & Offline Capabilities
Infiniti GO now available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 so you can take it with you anywhere
StoreFaster Time-to-Market
Project Fragments allow the creation of reusable content to help you get up & running quickly & easily
Business WorkflowMature Workflow Engine
Automate more complex business processes with relative ease through the use of Parallel Workflows
ScalabilityAdded Integration
New connectors allow you to connect to & use your data as and when you need it
Reporting and RulesReal-time Analytics
Our powerful platform allows you to gather & use data in infinite ways

With over one million users worldwide, Infiniti is a leading customer communications platform that assists organizations to engage with customers, streamline business processes, mitigate risk and capture data more effectively.

If you are curious to check out the new version, click here.