Smartphones Increasingly Important to Acquiring Customer Information


It may be time to ask yourself whether your organization is prepared for an increasingly portable and mobile future.

The Customer Service Experience Conference took place in New York City over the period of August 13 - 15, with the aim of assisting attendees to better understand the various elements required in order to maintain a successful customer service and support strategy.

One of the speakers at the conference, Ian Jacobs from research company Ovum, had some interesting viewpoints to share on the future of effective customer communications.

"There are a lot more touch points than ever before. These touch points include phone and email, web chat and web self-service, social media, text message, voice message, fax, and in the store. And not surprisingly, the number of contacts using paper and physical stores are going down," said Mr Jacobs as reported by Destination CRM in an article published August 13.

By the year 2016 Ovum research believes that more than 50 per cent of customer contacts will begin on a mobile device, 36 per cent of which will come from smartphone technology.

"The smart device is becoming a critical chokepoint between the customer and the enterprise," added Mr Jacobs.

This would seem to indicate that now is the right time for innovative businesses to invest in the technological frameworks required to cater to the needs of a growingly mobile population, and smart forms could be the answer.

Because dynamic forms streamline the inputting of information online by eliminating unnecessary questions and information requests, they are perfect for smartphone users who may have limited data and a smaller interface.

Furthermore, smart forms speed up the entire process of entering information. This is perfect for people who might be accessing the form while mobile, perhaps while catching the bus to work or waiting for a train.

For businesses that wish to ensure they are prepared for the needs of the consumer of tomorrow, smart forms are an excellent way of encouraging customers to submit information and interact with the company.

Earlier this year researchers from Cisco released a report entitled the Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update which indicated that by the end of 2012 the number of smartphones on the planet would exceed the global population.

If that isn't enough to get your business thinking about the future of its smartphone customer service strategy, I don't know what will.