Government of WA Encourages Innovative Technological Development


Innovative technology such as document automation solutions and online dynamic forms are allowing many businesses across the world to grow and become more efficient than ever before.

Another area where many organizations can find significant gains in productivity and bottom-line is in e-commerce.

That is why the Western Australian government recently announced it would be investing in this area, by offering grants of upwards of $50,000 to industry associations and not-for-profit organizations in order to encourage the uptake of e-commerce technology. 

"New technologies and processes are being discovered every day and the aim of this program is to encourage more WA businesses to become aware of these developments and take advantage of the benefits they offer to grow their business," said science and innovation Minister John Day in a statement released August 13.

"Innovation is a driver of economic development and integrating new business practices can significantly increase efficiency and the bottom line - which will ultimately expand the state’s economy."

The announcement is a reminder of how important it is to stay up to date with the tools and technology that has been made available to help your business get ahead.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to take these advantages when they are on offer in order to gain the edge on your opposition.