Magnify the Efficiency, Not the Inefficiency


"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."

Many of you will likely be quite familiar with this famous quote, delivered by one of the great technical minds of our generation - William Henry "Bill" Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft.

Those words are truer now more than ever, in a time when new and innovative technology platforms are allowing common business practices to be performed faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Obviously when it comes to document automation, there is no point in mass producing content more quickly if the information contained within that content is incorrect.

Businesses who utilize a document template system are going a long way towards making their entire process of customer communication more efficient, but it is also important to ensure the information being used to populate those templates is accurate.

If your workers are filing documents with outdated or incorrect information than the inefficiency of your content creation process is merely being amplified.

In many cases, rather than improving the consumer-business relationship, this process is actually causing irreparable damage to client confidence.

Here it is necessary to look inward and understand the route of the problem in order to determine a better system for document creation that can ensure accuracy and efficiency every time.

If your employees are getting their information from an unauthorised and unconfirmed source, then there is a much greater chance that this information is wrong.

One solution might be to ensure every piece of content is being double and triple checked before it is distributed, but this would be entirely impractical.

Another option might be to build up a catalogue of relevant information for employees to draw upon, but what happens when this needs regular updating? Furthermore, there is likely a similar database already assembled inside your business.

Document automation software which integrates with your current CRM solution is the ideal option, as this way employees can utilize information already stored within the company database.

Instead of hunting through past documents or digging up old files, they can simply select the relevant client information from a pre-collected source.

That way the entire process is automated and streamlined to ensure efficiency across the board. Not only is content being created faster, it is also being generated with correct and up to date information.