Expert Predict Death of "Dead Tree Format"


The old fashioned printer has been a staple of the office for decades, and is relied on for the production of countless documents and other content around the world.

However the age of the printer and of paper, or the "dead tree format" as Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank Securities refers to it, may be coming to an end.

In a research note published August 6, Mr Whitmore shows that equipment and supplies growth for major printer suppliers are trending significantly down.

He also notes that overall paper sales are plummeting as well, with paper shipments in North America having declined significantly in recent years.

And the cause, according to Mr Whitmore, is technology.

"Simply put, the content that was once printed for distribution or portability is now simply being distributed or shared electronically," he writes.

While there will likely always be a place for paper content, there is no denying that the business world is evolving to place more of an emphasis on digital communication.

Thus the objective for any forward thinking enterprise must be to capitalize on this movement in order to ensure that client and B2B communication purposes remain efficient and streamlined for all involved.

Dynamic forms are an excellent solution to this dilemma, as they allow for a massive reduction in the amount of physical documentation required in the office while improve productivity for all parties.

By replacing your old fashioned paper forms with online smart forms which are fluid in nature, your business can massively cut down on the time spent producing and distributing such paperwork.

The advantage is twofold as the person filling out the form can also see significant productivity gain as well, because they are no longer required to complete irrelevant fields.

Instead the dynamic form can utilize previously entered data to identify which questions are not necessary to the conversation and automatically remove these, reducing the amount of extraneous information flowing into the business as well. 

The potential value added through the integration of smart forms is a perfect example of just why we are seeing a massive reduction in paper content around the world, and it is worth further investigation into how beneficial this technology can be.