“Technology enables survival of the fittest in business” – Michelle Melbourne, Intelledox Co-founder

Intelledox Co-Founder and Executive Director Michelle Melbourne will be appearing on the Entrepreneurs and Innovation panel at the Canberra Mobile-ising Women in Business event on Tuesday, 28 February. Ahead of the event, Michelle spoke to The Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry about how Australian businesses use data and tech, and why this matters for business success and survival.

Starting in Tech with the Desktop Revolution

It was my Dad that led me into IT. I was enrolled to study science at ANU and Dad said to me, “Make sure you include some computer science subjects because it might come in handy one day.” This was back in the late 1980s, still early days in computing technology, and it was the beginning of what we called ‘the desktop revolution’. Microsoft and Apple were still young companies, and it was still very expensive to have a computer at home.

My other major was in psychology and I was planning to do a Masters in organisational psychology and teams and culture – which is my passion to this day – but in a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment, in the summer before I started my Master’s degree, I got a job with a software technology company in Sydney.

For a girl from Canberra who’d been waitressing her way through university, the offer of a permanent job at the age of 20, in the ‘big smoke’ of Sydney was too enticing to pass up. It was a start-up company, and that’s where I got my love for all things software.

Starting Intelledox was a natural progression. It’s what I’ve been doing all my life, helping organisations to take advantage of the latest technology to improve the way their business operates.

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