Intelledox Positioned as Innovator in ‘Aragon Research GlobeTM for Digital Transaction Management, 2016’

Today, Aragon Research named Intelledox an ‘Innovator’ in the first Aragon Research GlobeTM for Digital Transaction Management. Intelledox was included for its ease of use and ability to deliver on the Content Automation component of DTM.

Led by CEO Jim Lundy, Aragon states that “DTM is now a well-established business category that both large and small enterprises are adopting in a growing fashion.” DTM essentially is about streamlining business processes by keeping document processes fully digital. Aragon expects that DTM will grow into a $30-billion market by 2020.

Intelledox is one of only 15 exclusive vendors selected for the Aragon Research GlobeTM for DTM, 2016. Aragon analyzed three parameters of Strategy, Performance and Reach as part of a rigorous comparative evaluation of each vendor. Intelledox qualifies as an Innovator due to the ability to generate documents based on data collected via adaptive interviews while seamlessly transferring the collected data to systems of record. Additionally, the joint partnership between Intelledox and DocuSign offers a unique integration that enables users, for e.g. in insurance and banking, to create customized, compliant documents that can be distributed to relevant stakeholders and electronically signed in real-time.

Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research said, “One of the capabilities that stands out is its adaptive interviews which can automatically complete documents and forms for users to eSign in real-time. The need to shift to the content automation part of DTM makes Intelledox one to watch.”

Intelledox President Rodney Frye said, “We are honored to be recognized by Aragon Research as an Innovator in the 2016 Aragon Research Globe for DTM. This research note is a reflection of the significant shift we are noticing in the banking and insurance industries driven by the need to improve the customer experience, accelerate revenue, drive efficiencies, improve profitability and ensure compliance. Aragon also recognized our global partnership with DocuSign, which provides our customers, end-to-end DTM capabilities, ensuring that documents that are born digital, stay digital.”

The Aragon Research Globe graphically represents Aragon’s analysis of a specific market and its component vendors. The research note looks beyond size and market share, and instead uses those as comparative factors in evaluating providers’ product-oriented capabilities.

Learn more about the Aragon Research Globe for DTM by clicking here