Intelledox support for Office 365 Single Sign On and Azure capability

Managing student, parent and teacher communications is a well-known challenge for many K-12 colleges. To simplify and streamline the student & staff experience, Intelledox announces support for Office 365 single sign-on (SSO). Additionally, for Business Managers and IT teams, Intelledox Infiniti is also available as an Azure App and Azure VM with support for AFDS.

This means that Students, Parents and Staff automatically gain access to existing Intelledox Infiniti processes published for the school such as: Enrolments, Excursion & Medical requests, Notes home, Update contact details, Staff PD, Leave/Travel requests and more, without any additional onboarding or account setup process.

 Let’s review how this can add value to your College:

Schools are looking at ways to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs due to funding pressures; IT are typically resource-poor and time-constrained; Business Managers and Enrolment Officers are faced to do more with less.

At Intelledox, we empower you to streamline digital processes and information exchange, particularly between people and your business information systems. Processes can be ‘Internal’ (back office processes like staff expense & payment forms, leave request forms, travel application and reimbursement processing, HR performance reviews and staff onboarding & PD etc.) or ‘Customer Facing’ (Student/parent facing forms like Student enrolment applications, Uniform & Lunch Order and Payment forms, Student Excursion Forms, Student contact information forms etc.).

You can now rapidly introduce new business processes powered by Intelledox Infiniti that integrate to your SMS, LMS and HR System. For Schools and Colleges with an Azure Service Account – Intelledox licensing can also be provisioned with this credit; meaning you can rapidly be engaging with Parents, Staff and Students with minimal time and configuration overhead.

By using Intelledox Infiniti SmartForms with Office 365 SSO, schools and other businesses can quickly extend their investment in Office 365 while achieving their Digital Transformation goals.