Error message saving a large project in Designer - Reaching size limit

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later



When you make changes to an Intelledox project QA or Word document and then try to save the project, the following error message is displayed:

  “An error occurred attempting to save. Changes may be lost.”

This is a generic error message which may relate to a number of problems.  You may have reached a size limit imposed by the Intelledox website if your project and its related Word document are very large, e.g. approximately 15 - 20 MB.


To check the size of your project, export it as an XTF file to your local computer and check its file size.



On the Infiniti web server, check the Director web.config file for the following line, which should exist within the <system.web> element:


<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="8000" />


It's possible that this line is not present in the web.config at all in which case a server wide default will be assumed, or that the length indicated is insufficient. If this line is not present in the web.config file, add it into the <system.web> element. If it is already there, then check the maximum length indicated.


The length is measured in KB, so 1024 = 1 MB. For most projects 20000 is sufficient, however for projects that go over the 15 - 20 MB mark it may be necessary to increase this.


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