Printer action will not print (Aspose.Words)

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

Problem Description

After deploying custom functionality to print Intelledox generated documents using the Aspose.Words Print() method, the documents would not print. There was no exception thrown, however occasionally the print queue itself would crash.

The Intelledox application pool identity usually runs as the standard ApplicationPoolIdentity as in the following screenshot:

This means that when Intelledox prints something it is sending the document to the printer as this user. The ApplictionPoolIdentity is a standard system account, and it appears that in some environments these accounts cannot access print queues.

Solution Steps

  1. Create a new application pool in IIS, or modify the existing one.
  2. Assign a named user to the application pool, ensuring that user has appropriate permission to access the print queue.

     3. Recycle the application pool and retry the printing.

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