User Credentials and Address Data – User Profile, Group Address and Contacts (Address Book) Explained

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later

Infiniti has three different areas where information such as credentials and address data can be stored. Information sourced from these areas can be automatically included in output or used for default values of user prompt questions. Each is described in detail below:

User Profile

Each Intelledox user has a user profile where their credentials and addresses are kept. The user is responsible for maintaining this data by navigating to ‘Profile’ form the Producer home.

Note: When windows authentication is enabled the first name, surname and email fields are automatically set for each user.

Note: A variable question must be used to access user profile data.


Group Addresses

An address for each Intelledox group can be maintained by user administrators via Director. This is useful when all the members within a group share the same address, for example when the group represent a department or office.

Note: A variable question must be used to access group address data.


Contacts (Address Book)

Each user has their own Contacts, where they can store the personal data of a collection of people for re-use on a regular basis across many templates. Users can add address on an ad-hoc basis by clicking the ‘Add to address book’ button in a Producer wizard or via the ‘Contact’ main page from the Producer home.

Note:  An ‘Address Prompt’ question type must be used to access the address book data.


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