Email routing options

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later


Infiniti can automatically email generated documents as they are generated in Producer to a collection of recipients. Email recipients can be ‘hardwired’ into an Infiniti project, collected during the question set or drawn from a data source.
When configuring routing options the designer must specify a variety of email elements, as outlined in the table below.

Elements of routing options


Address To (Mandatory) The recipient’s email address.
Address From (Mandatory) Sender’s email address. If a recipient replies to this email, this address will be used.
Email Body The text to include in the body of the email.
Subject Line The subject line of the email.
Address BCC BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) email recipients.

How to create email elements

1. Open or create a new Intelledox Project in Designer.

2. From the Actions menu click Set Routing Options... the Routing Options dialog will display.



3. Use the Email Element drop-down to select the ‘Address To’ element.

4. Chose a type for the element, as described in the table below:


Type Purpose
Fixed Value Allows administrators to specify a constant value for the element.
Answer Value Extracts a value from a question in the Question set
Data Question Extracts a value from a data driven question in the Question set


5. Specify the fixed value or choose an appropriate Answer from the question set when ‘Answer Value’ or ‘Data Question’ types have been used.




6. Click Add to store the element.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the remaining email elements.


8. Save and test project

Adding Data from the question to the email body
It may be necessary to create a personalised email body when a document is sent to the email recipient. For example:

----Dear RecipientFirstName,
Please your attached document created on CreatedDate.
You are now required to review and store the document.

How to include question set data within the email body*

1.         Navigate to the routing options of an appropriate Intelledox Project.
2.         Select ‘Email Body’ from the Email Element drop-down.
3.         Select ‘Fixed Value’ from the Type drop-down.
4.         Enter your email body as needed by your scenario but enter question references where data from the question set is required. For more information on using question references, please see Intelledox Designer: User Guide.

Dear [Q1],
Please find your attached document created on [Q2].
You are now required to review and store the document.


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