Directly link Infiniti Designer from the desktop or start menu

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later


I'm a desktop person, I prefer desktop apps over web apps, so anything I can do to make a web app feel like a desktop is up my alley. I don't like having to open Internet Explorer, click on my Director shortcut then click Designer if I want to start working on a design. So how can I link this Designer button directly from my desktop?


Solution Steps

  1. Right click on the desktop and select New -> Shortcut
  2. In the dialog paste you Director URL and append /IntelledoxDesigner.application
    http://localhost/Intelledox/Director/Designer/IntelledoxDesigner.application) and press Next
  3. Give the shortcut a useful title such as 'Intelledox Designer' and click Finish

To give the new Shortcut an icon:

  1. Right click on the newly created shortcut and select Properties
  2. Click Change icon
  3. You can navigate to any icon file on your computer. I used the Intelledox Director favicon.ico within the installation but that won't be available on a client computer
  4. Click OK, and you're done

Double click your new Desktop icon to fire up Designer directly.


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