Running multiple instances of the scheduler on one server

Applies to Infiniti v9.1 or later

The Infiniti Scheduler is by default a Windows service that checks and executes a collection of jobs due for completion at regular intervals indefinitely until closed. Windows services are registered once on a server, so it supports one Infiniti environment only.

For servers hosting multiple instances of Infiniti, the scheduler application (or multiple instances thereof) can be run from the command line using a "-console" parameter. When using the "-console" parameter the service will run all tasks due for completion at that point in time and then immediately exit.

The console mode allows scheduling tools such as Windows Task Scheduler to process the due tasks on an ad-hoc or timed basis.

Note: Chosen Scheduler tools should not overlap executions of the InfinitiScheduler.

For the service to run in “console” mode pass the -console parameter at execution time as in the examples below:

IntelledoxScheduler.exe -console



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