Preparing for an update on ixtransform

Periodically, we will perform an update on Each update is to bring you new features to enhance you and your users experience and allow you to create new and improved processes in your organization.


Prior to an update we will provide you with a summary of the new features and a preview site so you can check these features out.  You can read about the relevant Release Notes here to see a list of new features.


This preview site should also be used to test your existing production projects to make sure that everything will work as expected.  To test your projects, go to IXTransform and then, via Manage, export your projects. Import these same projects to your site on the Preview site. You can read more detailed instructions here.


You should ensure that you change the data sources to use non-production data and also, you may need to add users and groups.


On the preview site, run through your project and test it works as expected. If you have any problems with the software, please contact support.


When we update, there will be a window of up to 3 hours when the site is unavailable. We'll let you know in advance when this time window is scheduled.


In case of emergency, we have a backup and can restore to the previous state. You won't lose your projects, configuration and answer file data.


Once we have updated the site, you can continue using it as you normally would plus you can start to take advantage of the new features introduced in the update.