File Selection question type

Applies to Infiniti v9.6 or later

File Selection

The File Selection question type allows users to upload files to the form and the Content Library. This question can be used to gather existing files for people in other workflow steps to view, insert the uploaded files in the document output or other actions or add the files to the content library for future use.

Document Preparation

Standard or selection placeholders can be used throughout the document to specify where the content items are to be inserted.


How to add a File Section question

From the toolbox, drag and drop a Content Library question onto a page, section column or tab and set the question’s properties as below.


Discription / Examples

Content Type Select the type of content that will be uploaded or selected from a drop-down list. Options are listed below.
  • Document Fragment: Only accepts Doc and Docx files
  • Image: Only accepts image files
  • Text: Accepts text, very similar to a text field
  • Attachment: Accepts all file types
  • Audio: Only accepts audio files
Display Type Select if the display and functionality of the question. The options will depend on the display type selected.
  • Search: The content library can be searched for existing items to use
  • Upload: Files can be uploaded in produce
  • Search or Upload: Allows the option of Search or Upload
Attachment Name Gives the file an assigned name upon generation.
Allow Add To Content Library Allows the items which are uploaded to be inserted into the content library.
Content Folder If Allow Add To Content Library is selected, a content library folder will need to be selected to insert the file into.
Restrict By Folder Specify a folder in the content library to search.
Allow Edit Allows users to edit existing text files inside the content library.
Valid Extensions  Specify the file extensions which are valid to upload.

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