Infiniti GO - Mobile app overview

Infiniti GO, the mobile application for Windows, iOS and Android developed by Intelledox, complements the existing suite of Infiniti browser-based solutions and features full offline capabilities. Infiniti GO allows users to access existing projects in a device’s native environment.
Collect and transform data at your own convenience with online/offline capability. Replace paper forms with dynamic, feature-rich adaptive interivews that ensure business process consistency, compliance, and quality, eliminating the need for paper forms and the error and delays associated with them.
Note: The features will be as close to the web application as possible, however, sometimes the conventions of the app platform will be followed. For example: In the tool a drop-down menu will take you to edit or delete options, but in mobile you will see an edit pencil and an “X” instead. We call these differences out when possible, but if you are familiar with your mobile platform this should be clear.

Supported OS

iOS 9+
Android 5+

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