Custom fonts

This document describes the steps to enable custom fonts in generated output documents in Infiniti without need to install them in the server, especially useful for Azure PaaS deployments.
1)      Open the custom fonts file and click on Install button to install the custom font in your local machine.
2)      Create the Word document which will be used as a template for Infiniti project with the custom fonts text.
3)      Click on File and then click the Options button in Word. A window will pop up as shown below.
4)      Click on the Save button and then click the checkbox ‘Embed fonts in the file’ and click OK.
5)      Create a new project in Infiniti which will be using this Word template.
6)      Browse to find the Word template and add it to the project.
7)      Publish the project in Manage.
8)      Execute the project.
9)      Fill the details on the form.
10)  Download the .pdf.
11)  Open the PDF and notice that placeholder has been replaced by the name entered by the user. It will be displayed in the custom fonts which were selected.

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