Restrict sets of projects to user groups within Manage

Product Features  -  Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

To grant access to its various applications, Infiniti includes a role-based permission system. Users can be assigned one or more roles, which define what tasks they can perform. They can also belong to user groups, which enable management of permissions at a group level.


  1. Log in as a global administrator
  2. First configure the Template Administrator role so it has permissions to do what is needed within Manage for those admins who are to be restricted. Important permissions to set include Design projects and Publish projects
    Note that you don’t have to use the built in Template Administrator role. Feel free to create your own role and define a new set of permissions for that role. 

  3. Save your changes
  4. Create a group or use an existing group, importantly ensure there are no roles selected on the group itself (if you click on the group make sure no roles are ticked)
  5. Create a user or use an existing user, and click the Security button. Make sure there are no roles selected for the user, but ensure that the group you’re using is ticked

  6. Once saved the group becomes a hyperlink you can click on. Click on it to set its permissions.
  7. Tick the role in the list of permissions, e.g. Template Administrator if that’s what you’re using, then save
  8. Now the user and group is configured, you can select any projects you want and tick that user group from the list of Groups, and save.
  9. Log in as the user and ensure they can only see the projects that were put in their group.
  10. Repeat for as many groups as you want to manage, it will get easier once all the groups and users are configured to just select the right groups for each project.