Auto complete with user entered data filters (query data source for suggestions as user types)

Applies to Infiniti v9.6.18 or later
User entered data filters allow data sources to be called as a user types and displays the resulting records as a list of suggestions for the user to (hopefully) find an appropriate item to select. They work in conjunction with the ‘Auto Complete’ data source display type as depicted in the screen shot below that suggests suburbs based after receiving a partial or full postcode.
A typical use for a user-entered data filters are address searches where a data source is responsible, accepts part of an address, searches against what is typed, and attempts to match it to a real address. For example, a user might type ‘123 Fake Street’ but select ‘123 Fake Street, Hartford, CT 20600’ as their actual address. In all cases it is the responsibility of the data source to process the user entered filter into a real result.
Notes and Best Practices:
  • The auto complete question does not need a user filter. Where a user filter is not specified the entire list is pre-loaded and the suggestion list is populated based on a string match. For example, a small data set such as a list of countries the data can be loaded in its entirety and a search term such as ‘United’ might suggest United States of America, United Arab Emirates, etc...

  • Use this question type sparingly. The existing auto complete data question does a text match of an existing dataset and is sufficient for many scenarios.

  • When you make a selection from a result set, the search term you typed is saved in the answer file. When the project is saved and resumed at a later date, the call to the data source can be made again to return the same result. However, if a change has been made to the database or if you delete the information and begin a new search, you may get different results.

  • In the client app, the question is only enabled in online mode.

  •  Not all data sources are designed to return a result set from a partial search term. Only data sources that suit this scenario are appropriate.

How to add a user entered data filter
1.    Open or create a new Project in Web Design.
2.    Add a data source and configure its properties, specifically specifying ‘Auto Complete’ as the display type and choosing an appropriate data source.‚Äč
3.    Navigate to the Data Filters tab and specify the data filter for which should be populated as the user types (i.e. a User Entered).

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