Transfer projects between Infiniti environments

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

When working with separated Infiniti environments such as testing, development and production it is often necessary to move projects between environments. This can be achieved by using Manage's export and input features respectively.

The process is relatively simple but there are some points to be aware of (particularly around importing and data sources) that are mentioned in the steps below.

Previous version of Infiniti used export and import files with a .xtf extension. Current versions use the .ixpkg extension. These formats are not interchangable.

How to export a project

  1. Navigate to Manage within the source environment
  2. From Projects, locate the appropriate Project and click to view its properties.
  3. Use the Export button to save the Project to file

How to import a Project

  1. Navigate to Manage within the target environment
  2. A decision has to be made at this point as to if the project to be imported is to replace an existing project or added as a new project.
  3. If new Project (i.e. adding new project to the environment)

    1. Navigate to Projects
    2. Click Browse to select the IXPKG  file and then click the Upload button

    3.  Specify a name for the project and click the Import button

    4. You can overwrite an existing project by checking the Overwrite project if it already exists option before clicking Import 

    5. Publish the project as necessary.
  4. If existing Project (i.e. updating an existing project)

    1. Navigate to Projects
    2. Click on the existing Project to be replaced 
    3. Click Import

    4. Click Browse to select the new IXPKG file and then click Upload

    5. Click the Import button to update the project. Note you cannot change the project name or untick the Overwrite project if it exists option

  5. If the imported the project contains data sources and they do not exist already, they will be created for you in the new environment.

    It may be necessary to check the data source settings for example, an XML data source may contain invalid file paths if the XSD or XML file are not present on the new server.


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