This is only supported in our Web Designer
Protected Fields can be used to insert data that cannot be changed into Rich Text questions. The protected data will only update if the information it references is updated elsewhere.

Defining Protected Fields

The Protected Fields available for a project are managed on the Protected Field tab in Design. This tab is available when a Rich Text question is selected in the view.
This tab allows a number of Protected Fields to be defined. Protected Fields are defined by two properties:
  • Name – the name by which the field will be referred to in Produce
  • Reference – A question reference that will determine the value of the Protected Field when it is used
To make these Protected Fields available for use in Produce, check the “Protected Fields” option on the Rich Text properties.

Using Protected Fields

When the Protected Fields option is selected for a Rich Text question, a “Fields” dropdown will become available for that question in Produce:
Whenever a Field is selected from the dropdown, the reference will be inserted into the Rich Text at the cursor position. This text will not be editable, and the reference will update if changes are made to it elsewhere in the form.

Protected References

Protected references may also be defined as part of the Default Value of a Rich Text question. To do this, simply add “Protect.” to the start of the reference.