Push notification action

Applies to Infiniti v9.5 or later

Push notifications are useful for alerting users of an important work item. Push notifications have been integrated with Infiniti by way of an action. This allows designers to integrate push notifications within a workflow step or when a project has been generated.
A push notification takes two parameters, a user guid and a message. Each mobile operating system has different length limitations for a push notification. Infiniti does not check the length of a message and it is up the designer to ensure all data length limitations are adhered to.
A user will not receive a push notification until they have logged onto a produce instance with a specific device. Once a user has synchronized with Produce, they will start receiving push notifications.


Obtain a license for the Push Notification action and add it in Manage.
Add the following to your Produce web.config.
<add name="PushNotification" type="Intelledox.Action.PushNotificationAction, Intelledox.Action" />

iOS configuration

If you’re using your own app certificate (i.e. a resigned application) you will need to upload your push notification certificate from Apple into Manage.
  1. In Apple’s developer centre, configure your app to enable push notifications. This will involve creating a key signing request from Apple and issuing new provisioning profiles.
  2. In Keychain Access on your Mac, find the entry for Apple Push Services.
  3. Expand the entry to reveal your private key.
  4. Right click on the private key and select ‘Export’.
  5. Save your certificate as a Personal Information Exchange (.p12) file with a password.
  6. Open Manage to the Settings page.
  7. Select the Security tab.
  8. Upload your .p12 file and enter the password in the password text box (this password is encrypted and saved in the database).
  9. Save.


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