Saving Question Comments to Answer Files

Tips and Tricks - Applies to Infiniti v9.4 or later

Is it possible to keep comments in a saved answer file?

Yes it is; but there are a few potential drawbacks

  1. When the answer file is loaded it may contain comments from persons no longer employed or working with this project which might cause confusion.
  2. Every comment will be reset as not seen by any user, this means any question with a comment saved in the answer file will show a counter indicating a number of unread comments - however the current user may have seen these comments in a previous run of this project.

I understand but I still want to save the comments

A flag called ENABLE_COMMENTS_PURGE can be set against the appropriate business unit in the Global_Options table.
insert into [Global_Options] (businessunitguid,optioncode,optiondescription,optionvalue)  values ('<Insert your business guid here>','ENABLE_COMMENTS_PURGE','Enforce purge of comments at finish if not archived','True')  
If this flag is set to True, then pinning of comments is activated. A pin style icon will appear next to each comment and clicking on it will unpin/pin the comment.
  • New comments are automatically pinned.
  • Comments can be pinned/unpinned by any user at any workflow stage.

What happens to pinned comments?

Pinned comments will be kept in the template and workflow history logs once the workflow is complete
Pinned comments will be saved to any answer file created,

What happens to unpinned comments?

Unpinned comments will not be saved to any answer file or log file.

Will a reloaded answer file contain comments?

Reloaded answer files (accessed using the reload icon) will NOT include unpinned comments. However pinned comments will be displayed on a reload.

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