Environment synchronization

Applies to Infiniti v8.6.5 or later
Please note that from Infiniti v9 onwards Key Field has been renamed Filter Field.
Infiniti provides a service where it can fetch data from a source environment and insert it into a destination environment. See Synchronized Data for specific information on what is transferred.
This is achieved with a web service call where you have to provide the source URL on the destination environment, destination username and password and the source username and password. You will also need to add a connection string in manage web config titled SyncSource on the destination environment with a connection string to the source.


Add the following connection string to your destination Manage web config file.  
<add name="SyncSource" connectionString="<Connection string details of source environment>" />
Create a new console application in Visual Studio
Add a web reference (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb628649(v=vs.100).aspx)to the following URL: 
Add the following code to Main. Replace the user names and passwords with their appropriate values
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var client = new SyncService.SyncService();
            client.Timeout = 1800000;
            var properties = new SyncService.SyncProperties();
            properties.SourceUserName = "admin";
            properties.SourcePassword = "admin";
            properties.DestinationUserName = "admin";
            properties.DestinationPassword = "admin";
            var result = client.Sync(properties);
            System.Console.WriteLine("Success: " + result.Success);
            System.Console.WriteLine("Message: " + result.Message);

Important notes

  • Users are not synchronised. Any user guid that does not exist in the destination environment will be placed in a 'deleted user' table (i.e. modified by user for a project will be a blank name).
  • There is no attempt at finding a user in the source environment which essentially means workflow is not supported. When you export and import a project, Infiniti will search for the user by user guid and username in the new environment, the synchronise function does not do this.
  • Currently nothing is deleted in the destination environment. If the item already exists the data will be updated.

Synchronized Data

  • Folders
  • Projects
    • Project history
      • Template history
      • Binary history
  • Data sources
    • Data objects
    • Filter fields
    • Display fields
    • Project dependencies
  • Categories
  • Content Items
    • Folders
    • Versions
    • Text
    • Binary
    • Placeholders
    • Project dependencies

Key features synchronize does not do

  • Delete anything
  • Users
  • Multiple tenant sync (only logged in tenant)
  • Tenant unit info (As this is already set up in the new environment)
    • Encryption keys
    • BU Identifier
  • Published items


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