Repeating pages using a data source input

Applies to Infiniti v9.0.0 or later

Repeating Pages using a Data Source Input

It is possible to use a question as an input on a Data Source question to allow a user to select how many pages to display on a page repeater at run time. The data source needs to call a SQL Stored Procedure which returns a sequential list of numbers based on a maximum number specified in the question.
The steps to implement this are as follows :

Create and Configure the Stored Procedure

ReturnConsecutiveNumbers stored procedure

create procedure [dbo].[ReturnConsecutiveNumbers]
	@val int


	SELECT TOP (@val) row_number() over(order by t1.number) as Numbers
	FROM master..spt_values t1 
		CROSS JOIN master..spt_values t2


Configure the Data Object

See screenshot below

Create the question in Designer

Create the number Question

The value captured in the Number question will determine how many pages are displayed by the repeating page control.

See screenshot below :


Create the Data Source Question

See screenshots below :



Create the Repeating Page

See screenshot below:


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