REST data source – Swagger support

Applies to Infiniti v9.3.0 or later
POST methods are supported in v9.7 or later

Swagger is a service description for RESTful API’s.

Format for the connection string to setup Swagger data source: swagger=[url] for eg - swagger=file:///c:\temp\petStore.json

It can be setup in Infiniti in the following way:

Navigate to Manage -> Data Sources -> New Data Source.

  1. Enter Data source name and select connection type as REST
  2. Enter Connection string

    See screenshot below:

  3. Click on Data object -> New Data Object

    Type “/” in the data object name and it will auto suggest the available GET endpoints on the service.

    Select an end point, filter and display fields are automatically selected.

    See screenshot below:

  4. Click on Save

    The REST data source now can be accessed by Design.

Version of Swagger supported:
  • Swagger version V2.0

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