Repeat bookmark tips

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later
A newer and more feature rich placeholder can be used in place of bookmarks. Please see Tag vs. bookmark placeholders

A repeating bookmark is used to mark a section of the document to repeat for each record retrieved from a data source or collected via a repeating page or section in Produce. Within the bookmark should be a collection of bookmarks where the individual field data is to be displayed.

Generally a repeat bookmark includes either a single table row or a block of text including paragraphs, images formatting etc. In the examples below the same employee data is presented in a table and in a less formal text block.


Table Repeat Bookmark Tips

Ensure that your bookmark includes the entire row and includes the table row marker at the end.


It is possible to include multiple rows in the repeat bookmark.


Block (Section) Bookmark Tips

Where possible ensure that the repeat bookmark wraps starts at the beginning of a paragraph and includes only entire paragraphs. I.E. The end point of the repeat bookmark should include the paragraph marker of the final paragraph.



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