REST data source – Connecting JSON based web APIs

Applies to Infiniti v9.3.0 or later


How to connect to a RESTful Service

The Connection String

Format for the connection string to setup REST data source consists of following two values –

  1. baseurl = the first section of the service url (eg baseurl=http://server/)
  2. schema = the JSON schema definition of the result from the API call (schema=c:\temp\user.json)
Note: Infiniti looks at the schema definition stored on the local web server, to create display fields within manage.

Example: baseurl=;schema=C:\EnterpriseSA\SunEnt\REST\weather.schema.json


Setting up a Connection String in Manage

Navigate to Manage -> Data Sources -> New Data Source.
  1. Enter Data source name and select connection type as REST
  2. Enter Connection string

    See screenshot below:

  3. Click on Test Connection to check the connection

    See screenshot below:

  4. Click on Data object -> New Data Object

    *The Data Object Name is the result set, method or end point name, followed by the filter fields you wish to configure, for example: /data/2.5/weather?lat={lat}&lon={lon}&appid=a0c01557c3694e3482ad0d86776dc8e7

    Filter fields are extracted from the URL (lat and lon in the above case) and display fields are read from the schema file.

  5. See screenshot below:

  6. Click on Save

    The REST data source now can be accessed by Design.
Note: Typing "/" as the data object to display possible end points, will not work in this case. Without a swagger definition, Infiniti cannot offer any assistance as to the possible end points or parameters. For a list of possible end points that have been made available, check the service API documentation (usually stored on the base URL).

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