GenerateDoc web service

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

The generateDoc service is for situations when document generation does not require end user input. Most commonly an XML structure is passed to the service and resulting documents are returned to the calling application or pushed to another system via an Action.
The service comprises of the GenerateWithData and Generate methods that are both designed to generate complete documents. The generateWithData method accepts a projectID and a custom XML data string whereas the generate method requires a complete Infiniti answerFile to generate a document.
The service endpoint is located here:
GenerateWithData Method
The generateWithData method accepts XML data produced by an external source and generates one or more complete documents. The resulting documents can be returned to the calling application or passed to other systems using an action. The results such as a success flags, URLs, a ticketID etc. can too be passed back to the calling application. Each message in passed back has a severity and description.
The method requires the following parameters.
Parameter Description
A username to authenticate to Infiniti
The password for the specified username, not required for windows authentication.
A GUID representing which published Infiniti project to generate.
An array containing one or more Provided Data objects. A provided data object is made of up the following parts:
Data – An XML string containing data produced by an external source
DataServiceGuid – A GUID representing the data source. For projects with that only use a single data source an empty GUID can be used here.
Albeit possible to pass many different XML strings, generally only a single string is passed.


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