Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Infiniti uses the .NET Provider Model to allow extensible modular components to plug into various aspects of the platform, allowing Infiniit to cater for many integration requirements and possibilities, including:
  • Delivering data and documents to a document management system via an Action Provider;
  • Extracting data from third party systems via a Data Source Provider;
  • Authenticating against an existing user base via a Membership Provider; or
  • Extracting content from a document management system via a Library Provider.
There are five Provider types as outlined in the table below, which are detailed in the sections that follow.
Description Action
Action Delivers the data and documents collected from end users or applications to another system, including document management, workflow or database systems.
Action Providers are run when a document project is generated or a workflow step is completed.
Data Source Retrieves data from third party systems to consume as content or drive decisions within generated documents, or pass through to other systems during a delivery stage.
Data Source Providers are run whenever a document or web form project requests data during a web form and during document generation.
Escalation Triggers some sort of event when a workflow task has been outstanding for a certain period of time.
Membership Calls upon an existing user base to manage authentication and permissions.
Membership Providers are run whenever a user attempts to access an Infiniti application such as Director or Producer.
Library Extracts content from third party systems to include within generated documents, including images, text and document fragments.
Library Providers are run during document generation.
Note: Many inbuilt providers are packaged with Infiniti to cater for common requirements, often eliminating the need for custom development.

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