XML web services

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Infiniti provides two web services for integration:
  • The Platform Service
  • The GenerateDoc Service
The Platform service allows third party applications to carry out many of the tasks that are performed through the Manage and Produce applications. For example, a calling application can retrieve a list of document projects, maintain users or save a portion of data as ‘In Progress’ to pre-populate a web form.
The GenerateDoc service is used to generate completed documents based on the information provided in the request. This service provides seamless document generation services for third party applications, powered by Infiniti. Data can be passed to the service as an XML or CSV structure. End users can remain focused on their line of business application without being interrupted by the process, and may not be aware of Infiniti being called in the background.
Infiniti Web Services are hosted on an IIS web server as part of the Infiniti platform. The diagram below depicts the high level system architecture for integrated solutions.
For detailed system requirements and installation information, refer to the Infiniti Installation Guide.
The Infiniti Web Services provide a range of integration possibilities. Whether just generating documents from another application, or creating a full portal to Infiniti this guide provides information to cater for these possibilities.