Infiniti developer and API guide

Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

Intelledox Infiniti is a sophisticated eForm and document generation platform, which can be operated independently or integrated with other systems to perform data capture, presentation, and delivery services.

Integration with Intelledox is achieved in a variety of ways:
§   Presenting eForms within other systems and websites.
§   Live retrieval of data from third party systems and data stores
§   Generating singular or batch styled documentation from eForm and retrieved data
§   Delivering data and documents to third party databases and legacy systems.
§   Delivering data and documents directly to recipients via email, SMS, etc.
§   Generating documents system to system via a web service suite.
§   Provide authentication by integrating with common or custom user management systems.
Built on Microsoft .NET technology, Intelledox exposes a rich Web Service based API and allows a range of add-on extensibility through the .NET Provider Model. Common providers are packaged with the Intelledox platform, such as an OLEDB data source provider and a Windows Authentication membership (login) provider. Where necessary providers can be developed to suit more custom requirements.
This document provides the necessary technical information and samples to use the web services and providers to integrate Intelledox in your organization.

XML Web Services

Intelledox provides two web services for integration:
  •    The Platform Service
  •    The GenerateDoc Service
The Platform service allows third party applications to carry out many of the tasks that are performed through the Manage and Produce applications. For example, a calling application can retrieve a list of document projects, maintain users or save a portion of data as ‘In Progress’ to pre-populate a web form.
The GenerateDoc service is used to generate completed documents based on the information provided in the request. This service provides seamless document generation services for third party applications, powered by Intelledox. Data can be passed to the service as an XML or CSV structure. End users can remain focused on their line of business application without being interrupted by the process, and may not be aware of Intelledox being called in the background.
Intelledox Web Services are hosted on an IIS web server as part of the Intelledox platform. The diagram below depicts the high level system architecture for integrated solutions.
For detailed system requirements and installation information, refer to the Intelledox Installation Guide.
The Intelledox Web Services provide a range of integration possibilities. Whether just generating documents from another application, or creating a full portal to Intelledox this guide provides information to cater for these possibilities.


Intelledox uses the .NET Provider Model to allow extensible modular components to plug into various aspects of the platform, allowing Intelledox to cater for many integration requirements and possibilities, including:
  •    Delivering data and documents to a document management system via an Action Provider;
  •    Extracting data from third party systems via a Data Source Provider;
  •    Authenticating against an existing user base via a Membership Provider; or
  •    Extracting content from a document management system via a Library Provider.
There are five Provider types as outlined in the table below, which are detailed in the sections that follow.
Delivers the data and documents collected from end users or applications to another system, including document management, workflow or database systems.
Action Providers are run when a document project is generated or a workflow step is completed.
Data Source
Retrieves data from third party systems to consume as content or drive decisions within generated documents, or pass through to other systems during a delivery stage.
Data Source Providers are run whenever a document or web form project requests data during a web form and during document generation.
Triggers some sort of event when a workflow task has been outstanding for a certain period of time.
Calls upon an existing user base to manage authentication and permissions.
Membership Providers are run whenever a user attempts to access an Intelledox application such as Director or Producer.
Extracts content from third party systems to include within generated documents, including images, text and document fragments.
Library Providers are run during document generation.
Many inbuilt Providers are packaged with Intelledox to cater for common requirements, often eliminating the need for custom development.