How to make dates un-selectable

Applies to Infiniti v9.2 or later
How to make dates un-selectable
When a date is filtered out it will appear grey and if entire years or months are filtered out, they will no longer be selectable.
There are many ways to create our grey dates.
You may have noticed at the bottom of the question properties tab, there is a check box called Weekdays Only. If you select it will make every day under Saturday or Sunday unselectable.
You may also want to make a range of dates unselectable. Click on the validation tab and change the Comparison type to Less Than. Type in the date in you want to set as the minimum and click add.
Change the comparison type to Greater Than and type in the date you want to set as the maximum and click add. It should look something like this.
Currently making dates un-selectable can only work for: Greater Than, Greater Than or Equals, Less Than and Less Than or Equals types of validation.

The validation on making these dates un-selectable is done upon the page loading. So, if you have the minimum and maximum dates being previous questions of the same page you will only be able to have those dates greyed out after you go to a new page. The normal validation still applies.

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