On-boarding form (part 3): Creating a fragment page

Applies to Infiniti v9.1 or later
On-boarding Form Creation
In this exercise we will be building an On-boarding form that anyone starting at a new company would use.
This guide assumes you have already completed the Creating an Infiniti project - Quick-start guide project and understand the fundamentals of Infiniti.
In this Section we will be building another fragment.
Creating our Fragment
  • In Infiniti Manage, click Design App and then click Create new project. Call this project FP_AdminApproval. Change the Project Type of Fragment Page and choose No Document. Click OK.
  • You may notice that the layout is replaced with New Page 1, this is because we are creating an entire page as our fragment.
At the end your Fragments question layout should look like this.
  • Drag an Input down and call it First Name. Drag another Input down and call it Last Name. Rename New Page 1 to Approval.
  • Add a Variable Question and call it Approver. Give Approver 5 answers. Call them First Name, Last Name, Date, Title and Phone Number. Change the variables on each answer in the same order to: User First Name, User Last Name, Date, User Title and User Phone Number.
  • Add a Section and a column and place a multiple choice question underneath. Change the Question Text to “Please select the next steps for [Input.First Name] [Input.Last Name]’s position.”
The [Input.First Name] will take whatever data is received from First Name in the Inputs section.
  • Make the Multiple choice question have 2 answers. Add these values to each of them.
Answer Name: Approve and Continue
Display Text: Approve and Continue
Value: accepted
Answer Name: Return for Amendments
Display Text: Return for Amendments
Value: declined
  • Add another Section and call it Approver. Add a column and add 4 labels. Call them First Name, Surname, Title and Phone Number. 
  • In the Label Text, use  and on click the Variable Question, Approver, answers that match the names of the labels. The Label Text should look like [q1.1]. Make sure these labels are visible.
  • Add another section. Call this section Signature go to the Conditions tab. For Question: select “Please select the next steps for [Input.First Name]…” and change the answer to Approve and continue. Click add.
  • Add a column the section we just added.
  • Add an Ink question and call it Sign here. Change the Text Position to Left. Tick Allow background upload. Add the Help Text “Use your touch device or mouse to sign in the space provided”. Click on the answer and change the name to Signature. Change the image properties to Max Height 100 Pixels and Max Width to 300 Pixels. Go back to the Ink question and click the Conditions tab. Change Question: to Signature Options and Answer: Sign on-screen. Click Add.
  • Add another Section and column and add a Text Field and change the Question Text to “Please explain why the form needs to be amended”. In the Properties tab, change the Text Rows to 6.
  • Click the Section we just added and go to the conditions tab. In the Question: choose “Please select the next steps for [Input.First Name]…” and make the answer “Return for Amendments”. Click Add.
Drag 5 outputs into the Output section and call them Signature_sign, Accepted and Declined and Amend.
  1. For Signature_sign make the question Sign here and add its answer.
  2. For Accepted, make the question, ‘Please select the next steps… and make the answer Approve and Continue’.
  3. For Declined, make the question, ‘Please select the next steps… and make the answer Return for Amendments’.
  4. For Amend, make the question, ‘Please explain why the form needs to be amended and add its answer’.
  • Save.
We have just created our second fragment. Now that we have created both fragments we can start working on the actual On-boarding form.

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