On-boarding form (part 2): Creating a data source

Applies to Infiniti v-9.1 or later
A Content Library Data Connector license is required as a prerequisite.

On-boarding Form Creation

In this exercise we will be building an On-boarding form that anyone starting at a new company would use.
This guide assumes you have already completed the Creating an Infiniti project - Quick-start guide project and understand the fundamentals of Infiniti.
The second part of the guide will get you to create your own data source host it using the ContentLibraryDataConnector Connection type.

Creating our Data Source

  • Open up Excel and make a basic work sheet. In A1, type in Buildings. In A2, type in Head Quarters. In A3 to A7 and below type whatever building names you want.
Your excel worksheet should look something like this.    
  • Once you have entered the building name click save and change Save as type: to CSV (Comma delimited). If you do not have that option choose any of the CSV options.
  • Change the File name to Buildings and click Save.
  • Exit out of excel and go to Infiniti Manage.
  • In Manage, click on Content Library and click New Content Item. Choose Attachment and change the name to Buildings. In the Upload New attachment, click browse and select the file you just made ‘Buildings.csv”. Click save and go to Data Sources.
  • Click on New Data Source
  • Change the Data Source Name to Buildings. Change the Connection Type to ContentLibraryDataConnector.
  • Change to Connection String to Buildings. With the ContentLibraryDataConnector Connection Type, the Connection string to connect a data source is just the name of the CSV file in the Content Library that you want to use.
  • Click Connect with these credentials and type in your User Name and Password.
  • Click Test Connection and if you get Connection successful click Save.
  • Click on Data Objects and then New Data Object. In both Data Object and Display Name, type in Building. Click Save and in the Available Key Fields, click Add All. You should only have one key field. Click Save and go to Projects.
Now that we have set up our Data Source we should test to see if it works.
  • In Projects, click on testing_fragment and click Design App. Add a Data Source question to the page and call it Buildings. Make sure the data source is visible and that the Data Source, Table/View, Display Field and the Value field all have Buildings selected. Click on the answer in the data source and set to Data Field to Buildings.
  • Save the Project and run it in Produce. Underneath the Fragment you made previous you should be able to see your data source in action.

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