Produce home search and ordering

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
The Search text box functions in the following ways:
  • Search criteria is a ‘contains’ and not a ‘begins with’.
  • User is able to search Individual and Group Tasks by name, state name, assigned by, full-name/username and comments.
  • Search results returned contain matching Form names and Folder names. If the search keyword matches the folder name, all the forms under the folder are displayed.
  • Search for a username returns matching results although the users’ full name is displayed on screen.
  • Under the Recent section, top 5 most recent projects that matches the search keyword are displayed.
  • Workflow Tasks (Individual and Group) can be sorted by column headings. If the list of tasks is more than 20 items they are grouped into pages.
  • Different sections – Forms Assigned To Me, Forms Assigned To My Groups etc. can be expanded/ contracted by clicking on the icons  ‚Äč.
  • Search Text box auto-adjusts to different screen sizes. Text present in the search text box is visible in the text box if the screen size is lessened.
Example search of 6520 is displayed in the screenshot below

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