Ink Question Background image Question Reference option

Applies to Infiniti v9.1.6 or later
Ink Questions support Question References for background images. The source of the background images can be from either the ‘Content Library Question’ or ‘Data Source Question’ with images. See the example below for referencing a Content Library Question.
On the Ink Question Properties panel, by default the background field is set to ‘Static Image’, to upload a background image from Infiniti Design or provide user with upload option from produce pages.
Select Question Reference, a new section of panel appear with a choice of possible questions reference and associated answers, included Display and Size option.
Note: Content Library questions will only appear as a choice in the question reference when all Content Library Questions have content type as image. Similar with Data Sources Questions with images, in Answers, set data convert type to image.
Select the appropriate Question and Answer following by settings.
In Produce, select an image from Content Library and the background image will appear in the Ink Question.

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