Question Text Position Property Explained

Product Feature - Applies to Infiniti v8.0 or later

   Note: From Infiniti v9 onwards User Prompt has been renamed to Text Field and Group Logic has been renamed Multiple Choice

Each Visible question type in Produce has a Text Position Drop down field allowing you to customize the look of your question when it is published in Producer. The question text property can have the same or different values creating a variety of on screen layout effects. The available values are Top, Left and None. The screen shot below shows an example of each of these values for a Text Field, Label and Multiple Choice Question.


Top – Displays the question text above the response area and stretches the entire screen or column.


Left – Displays the question text to the left of the response area, often the question text ends with a colon, ‘:’.


None – No question text is displayed. Useful for label questions that link to images and questions within repeating sections where the column heading acts as the question text, as depicted below


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