Release Notes - Infiniti 9.1.0

Applies to Infiniti v9.1.0 or later....
Introduction: Infiniti 9.1.0
Infiniti, by Intelledox, helps organizations to nurture and control business processes through document automation, smart web forms (e-forms), batch processing and CRM. It is an award-winning product that allows businesses to produce smarter, targeted customer communications while easing the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Infiniti, by Intelledox, seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing technology investments, including SharePoint, TRIM, TIBCO and Changepoint. Infiniti uses the native power of Microsoft Office while leveraging sophisticated rules engines, audit trails and reporting to produce compliant, data-driven documents.

Unlike other business process automation software that can only produce outputs in one type of file or format, Infiniti can generate multi-format, multi-channel documents in DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML, PPT, SMS, email and many more.

This is a product release that delivers additional functionality over the previous customer version of Infiniti (Version 9.0.2).

Infiniti 9.1.0 features
Infiniti 9.1.0 introduces the following new features and updates over the previous public release version of Infiniti V9.0.2:

Introducing Infiniti Android Application
Intelledox is introducing Android Application to increase Infiniti portability to wider mobility platforms and devices. Intelledox mobility now covering Windows, iOS and Android Infiniti Application.
As usual, while Intelledox optimise the integration and utilisation of the best features within the individual mobility platform, at the same time Intelledox will endeavour to make the look and feel of the product consistent across platforms and continue to increase functionality progressively.
Infiniti iOS Application - Second Generation
The Second Generation Infiniti iOS Application has more complete, reliable and robust functionality, and noticeable performance improvements. Adapting to the latest iOS. 
Windows Application Features Enhancements
In InfinitiV9.1, a further features enhancement to make features equal or better than Web by leveraging on the latest Windows .net technology and optimizing all the features available in the devices.
Audio Recording
Audio can now be used as a data and record purposes. A versatile feature for verbal note taking, verbal incident statement, meeting minutes taking, site critic or assessment and many more. User can have the option to type on site or to record on audio and when the user is back in the office, play back to make a more formal record.
Image Capturing
Images can now be used as a data, record and evidence purposes. A versatile feature for following, but not limited to, capturing evidence at the time, situation at the time and the progress overtime.
Workflow function now supported in Window Application. Workflow in a project able the control of the steps that a document navigate through and the different people that needs to complete it. Workflows allow an individual project to be passed between multiple users in a manner that represents a business process. Workflows can be used for review and approval process and allow multiple users to contribute to a single process or task. Workflows are controlled by "states" and "transitions".
Question Reference
Question referencing flexibility now extended to Question Help Text, Ink Question and Workflow. The function enable the answers of a proceeding question types to be used by subsequent question types and pages within the Infiniti project through referencing method. Project presentation will become more relevant and informative.
Question Help Text
Any Question type with Help Text field in their properties can use question reference. Hover over or click the Help Text icon on Produce wizard and Client wizard pages, Help Text show both static text and value of question reference
Ink Question Background Image Question Reference
Ink Question support Question Reference for background image. Source of background images can be from either Content Library Question or Data Source Question with images.
Workflow State Name
Insert question reference in the workflow state name field, the value shown in Workflow transition page, Workflow emails, Produce task list and Manage workflow screens.
Refer to Question References Explained for Question Reference syntax.
For further details on the above topics, refer to the articles at :

Interoperability with Google Analytics
Infiniti now extends an organisations capabilities to analyse their operations by integrating with and leveraging Google Analytics to capture usage data. Data captured includes usage of different Infiniti projects/forms across domains, user’s flow, user’s geographic location, events and activities
Additional Release Notes
The following updates and enhancements have been made in this version of Infiniti (V9.1):
  • 8571 - Current State added to Results data source
  • 8513 - Data Driven Pages/Sections are driven by value identifier    
  • 8506 - PDF templates with radio fields with no options are now supported
  • 8504 - Responses Reporting supports Workflow in progress
  • 8483 - Responses Report supports Project Fragments
  • 8441- Repeater Driven Data Sources now have an ID field 
  • 8430 - Add Action button disabled for Parallel Section exit transitions          
  • 8416 - Visible Image Content Library Question works offline            
  • 8412 - Group tasks for Windows client        
  • 8411 - Download Existing Attachment Content Library option          
  • 8409 - Section columns will break to be stacked on top of each other on small screens        
  • 8407 - Wizard page navigation available for small screens  
  • 8405 - Performance improvement for Responses reporting             
  • 8399 - Scheduler can be run on demand from the command line (supports multi-installs)  
  • 8398 - Allow offline launch publish option 
  • 8395 - Current user workflow transition     
  • 8390 - Task list for Windows client
  • 8388 - Reset Password functionality             
Defect and Issue resolution list
The following list of items, that existed up-to the latest version of V 9.0, have been fixed in this release of Infiniti (V 9.1):
  • 8630    PDF Design template Fillable fields not functioning after the PDF has been generated by Infiniti.           
  • 8600    AnyOf and AllOf validation questions do not work inside fragments     
  • 8599    Aggregate Filter property do not get saved when a data filter is added first time
  • 8593    Possible SQL deadlock when modifying a project on high traffic site with many projects          
  • 8585    Database connection leak when calling Produce platform service GetPublishedProjects           
  • 8454    Extra options being displayed on Display Options screen for a Finish workflow state.
  • 8453    Group tasks not appearing on client device     
  • 8442    Action Failed Message causes GenerateWithData web service to fail    
  • 8440    Restore version not giving appropriate feedback          
  • 8437    Error message not specifying the file types supported  
  • 8426    Validate project not giving error message for missing content item     
  • 8425    Some values stay on the page on toggle of visible checkbox for a Content Library question
  • 8422    Comment Mandatory check box enabled on parallel workflow transitions        
  • 8406    Infiniti Data Source 'Task History' missing        
  • 8401    Slow form responsiveness due to excessive data source calls.   
  • 8381    Workflow Transition Conditions call web services before they are needed.        
  • 8152    Generate Web Service - Action linked to document repeater 
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