Project results as a data source

Applies to Infiniti v9.0 or later
Screenshots taken in V9.4.4. Earlier versions may differ slightly.
Workflow and Fragments are supported in v9.1 and later.
Infiniti introduces the ability to create projects based on the results of submissions of other projects.


This is set up by creating an "Infiniti" Datasource in Manage. The Infiniti Data Source now has a new option when adding a new Data Object. This option is "Project Results" and is indicated in the diagram below:
When "Project Results" is selected, the "Data Object Name/Definition" field can be used to define a Project name in the Infiniti instance. Entering any starting character, projects whose titles start with the same sequence, will be displayed in the pull down menu for selection.
Add an appropriate Display name and then hit the SAVE button.
The Key Fields/Filters for the Datasource are the Answers in that Project. These will be displayed along with 2 additional fields  - _Username and _Completion_Date_Utc. These define who completed a project and when that was accomplished.
Additional Fields Description
_Completed _Completed = 1 if the form was completed, otherwise 0
_CompletionTimeUTC The UTC time when the form was completed
_CurrentState The current state of the form
_Username User Name who Completed the project
_WorkflowInProgress _WorkflowInProgress = 1 if the form was completed, otherwise 0

Add all or selected answers from the "Available fields" list to the "Key fields" list - then SAVE.



If the project has Repeaters, the repeated data elements will appear as shown below:

Configuring for data within Repeaters

For the above sample Project with a single Repeater within it, build the form as follows:
  1. Setup a Data Source question using the main Project Data Source as normal

  2. Setup a second Data Source question (referred to as Child Project Results in the screenshot). This question can be configured to point to the first Data Source question - thus allowing data in the one repeat section to be displayed. The same approach can be applied for Project with multiple nested Repeats.

    In the Table/View option, you will see the display name of the recently configured 'Project Results" data object.

Note: A responses report will only return Completed forms (ie forms that have reached generation), unless one of these fields is specified as a filter to the data source.


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