Using the "Find" capability in Design

Applies to Infiniti v9.0 or later


In Design, it is possible to search for the following Items based on "Name":

  • Placeholders
  • Content Items
  • Layouts

The following items can be searched on either their "Name" or "Id":

  • Questions
  • Answers

While editing a project in Design, the Magnifying Glass icon can be used to launch the "search dialogue":

Once this is clicked, the following "search dialogue" box will be displayed:

Once a search criteria is added and the 'Enter' or 'Search' button is selected, the search results pane at the bottom of the window will display matching elements. Entries in this pane can be double-clicked to jump to their location in the tree view.

If no search criteria is entered, the entire tree view is displayed.

Find and Replace

The "find and replace" function is also available via the Actions menu in Design:

Once selected, the following dialogue will be displayed:

This Actions menu also supports a "find and replace" capability. This allows all occurrences of a piece of text to be replaced with another piece of text. The associated Shortcut is "Ctrl H.".
"Find and replace" requires that the "Find what" field not be blank, though the "Replace with" field may be blank (which would result in the "find" text simply being removed).
Once a request is made, the project is searched for any occurrence of the text in the 'find what' field, and all occurrences replaced with the text in the 'replace with' field. All pages, sections, columns, tab group, tabs, questions, answers, document properties, action attributes, workflow (both states and transitions) properties that can be edited and are plain text (including question references) are searched and replaced.
The "find and replace" results are listed in the bottom validation pane. At this stage the relevant fields are changed but the project is not automatically saved. The changes can be discarded by closing the project without saving (though this will also discard any other unsaved changes).


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