Compatibility mode - Referencing the values of 'inactive' items

Applies to Infiniti v9.1 or later

With the “project compatibility mode” setting, Infiniti  can control if projects are required to respond in the Legacy way (where inactive questions have a value) or in the new way (where inactive questions return a "blank" value)
Note: by default, all projects that were created prior to upgrading to Infiniti v9 are loaded in a Compatibility Mode – to preserve functionality.  All projects that were created in v9 and later are created with "Compatibility Mode" turned off however this can be changed back to the Compatibility mode through the Project Properties menu item.


Differences for new mode of references when item is inactive

Items that return a blank string ("") are included below:
  • Data source answer (non-Image)
  • Variable answer – (The formula is not evaluated at all so typical data types can not be determined)
  • Address
  • Autologic (depending on setting)
  • Barcode
  • Geolocation
  • INK
  • Label
  • Numeric Slider
  • Rich Text
  • User Prompt
  • Password


The question types listed below RETURN the answers indicated when items are INACTIVE:

  • Group and auto logic answers always return false
  • Custom answer returns null.
  • Data source answer (Image) returns null.
  • Data source multiple select returns no selections and no rows.
  • [rownumber] returns -1.
  • [rowcount] returns 0.
  • Repeating pages and sections no rows and any count against them returns 0.
  • Content library question returns null and has no selection properties.

Once a question becomes active again it will notify child questions that it's value has changed. It's original value is not lost when it is inactive.

Document generation

In general, the generation of documents stay the same, as they already took into account inactive questions and took the appropriate action.

The differences now are that some items, like repeating sections, will return no rows and will trigger the removal of the repeat placeholder. Where before they were considered to still have a row and the “repeat part of the document” would had to have been removed with a “close gap”.

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