Content Library questions - Auto answer option

Applies to Infiniti v8.7.1 or later

Content Library Question types include an option called "Auto Answer". This tab allows content library items to be:

  • Automatically attached at document generation time
  • Automatically inserted at document generation time

How to implement an Auto Answer question

Create the Questions

Create a Text Field (Note: this was called User Prompt prior to v9) to capture a value. Then create the Content Library question.

See the screenshot below:


Setup of the Content Library question:

  • Set the question to invisible in the properties tab
  • Set the Auto-Answer tab to record the answer of the Document name text field
  • Content Library Question WITH Placeholder - then matching content library doc fragments will be included IN the document
  • Content Library Question WITH NO Placeholder - then matching content library doc fragments will be included as an attachment at Document Generation time

See the screenshot below:


If the user enters a name in the Document name text field, AND this name matches the name of an existing DOCUMENT FRAGMENT in the Content Library, then that Document Fragment will automatically be included as an attachment at document generation time - as in this case, there is no placeholder for the content library question.


Content Library Question Types

This operation supports the following Content Library Types:

  • Document Fragments
  • Images
  • Text Content

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