Setting Answers to become part of the Question Texts of succeeding questions

Tips and Tricks

It is often useful to insert user responses to certain questions into the question text of succeeding questions.

Setup in Design

In the following example screenshots, we set up the Answer from a user prompt [q1] to become part of the Label Name [q2].
  • [q1] is a Text Field
  • [q2] is a label - whose name is based on the answer returned by [q1]

  • [q3] is a multiple choice question. The selected answer from this question becomes part of the question text of [q4], along with the answer from [q1]
  • Note - with multiple choice answers, ensure the "Value" field of the answer is filled in with the appropriate value that is to be passed
  • [q4] is a Rich Text box whose Question title includes answers from [q1] and [q3]

Result in Produce

  • Question label of [q2] includes the answer from [q1]
  • Question text of [q4] includes answers of [q1] and [q3]