PDF forms can be used as templates for Design

Applies to Infiniti v9.0 or later

Infiniti v9.0 allows fillable PDF forms to be used as a document template. When such a template is used, PDF is the only output option (i.e. a PDF template cannot be output as a Word document).

In Design

  • In Design, the "PDF Document" is available as an option for a new project's template.

  • Currently, there is no Office PDF editor that can be automated. This means the PDF cannot be edited by Design. If you right click on the document in the available placeholders tab you only get a "View Template" menu item instead of the usual "Edit Template". (Also, the Edit Template toolbar button will only show editable documents and if there are none available the button will be hidden just as if you had no documents in your project.)
  • At this stage, the user would normally replace the template. Right clicking the existing template would display the "Change Template" option. This will allow the original template to be swapped out and replaced by the intended PDF template.

  • The form fields within the PDF will now be shown as available placeholders.


There are no range or repeat fields so all of them are treated as insertion/input. Most PDF field types are support except Button, FileSelect and Signature. They will not be listed in Design.

During Document Generation

  1. Document generation ONLY  fills in field values. Consequently, there is no support for images and document fragments insertion in the generated PDF.
  2. There are no publish formats for PDF, it will always generate as a PDF document only.

Special case controls:

  1. Checkbox - Based on the value of the text being inserted controls the check. The following will leave it unchecked - blank value, "0", "F", "False", Unchecked checkbox character (Using the placeholder behavior "Insert Checkbox"). Any other value will check the checkbox.
  2. Radio button - The insert value must match one of the radio button's values.
  3. Drop down list and list box - The insert value must match one of the available options.

Print Action

A PDF template can be printed just like a Word document. In addition any other type of document that has a PDF output can also be printed. However it is best to send in the original document format if possible.