Group Logic Questions

Applies to Infiniti v9.0.0 or later

From Infiniti version 9.0 onward, the controls for Multiple Choice selection count (i.e. how many answers can be chosen - one or many) and display type (e.g. drop-down list, radio buttons) are separated.

The "Selection Type" drop down allows a choice between "Single Answer" and "Multiple Answers". Based on this value the "Display Type" list will be filtered to the appropriate choices.

Differences to previous versions of Infiniti (v8.7.1 and earlier) are:

  • Multiple Choice has been renamed Checklist.
  • Multiple Select has been renamed Option List.
  • Multiple Choice Button and Multiple Select Button have been renamed Toggle Button.

Display options for Single Answer selection type

Choices are:
  • Checklist (formerly "Multiple Choice")
  • Drop-down list
  • Likert Scale
  • Toggle button (formerly "Multiple Choice Button" and "Multiple Select Button")


Display options for Multiple Answers selection type

Choices are:
  • Option List (formerly "Multiple Select")
  • Toggle Button (formerly "Multiple Choice Button" and "Multiple Select Button")


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