Project fragment outputs

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
Project Fragment Outputs
A fragment Output is a single result that references one or more questions, calculations, data source etc. within the fragment’s question set that is available for reference when the fragment is utilized within another project.
Fragment outputs apply to both Fragment Pages and Fragment Portions alike. Available outputs can be seen by expanding the fragment’s ‘Outputs’ node at the end of the question set. New outputs are available by right clicking the Output Node.
When a fragment is utilized within another project in Design, the fragment outputs are reference able just like any other question/answer. Bookmarks may also be added directly to the outputs too.

How to define outputs for Project Fragments
  • create a fragment type project.
  • add a user prompt and change its question text & answer name to 'Student Name'.
  • go to 'Outputs' node under question set, right click and add an output.
  • Change output name to 'Student name'. Also set following properties:
    • Type: 'Answer Value'
    • Question: 'Student Name'
    • Answer: 'Student Name'
  • your project will look similar to the following screenshot:
  • save the project fragment.
How to reference defined outputs in content type project
  • Open or create a content type project in design.
  • Add the fragment created above.
  • Reference or map placeholder to the Fragment’s output as shown in screenshot below:
  • Save your project and test in Produce or Infiniti Go.


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