Watermarks in Text Fields

How To - Applies to Infiniti v8.7 onwards

Text Box question types now contain a watermark. A watermark displays a placeholder value of a html input textbox until the user has provided some valid text. Watermarks are not the same as a default values as they are used purely for informative/example purposes and don't count as a repose to the question. I.e. If no input in made to a text field displaying a watermark, the actual field content is considered to be blank"".

If those cases where the text field has a default value, then the watermark will not be displayed unless the user deletes the current text.

Note: IE does not show the watermark when the textbox has focus, other browsers do. IE8 and 9 do not support this feature natively but it is simulated through JavaScript.


The image below shows where the watermark can be defined in a Text Box question in Design.

In Produce, the water mark will display as below:

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