Publish Options Explained

When publishing Intelledox Projects Intelldox has many publish options that can be set to suit the situation described below:

Note these settings can be maintained by Navigating to Director > Folders > YOUR FOLDER > YOUR PROJECT

Applies to Infiniti v8.1 or later
Allow Preview

Enables a ‘Preview’ button whereby users can generate the document whilst only partially through the wizard.

Allow Restart After Submission

When the option is ‘On’ and it is not a workflow submission, there is a new ‘Restart’ link on the finish page. This starts a new form with the same values as the last time you generated it.

Allow Save

Allows users to save their answers on a form.

Log Page Transitions

Enables data collection for individual projects. This data contains detailed and accurate data for individual projects and page activities.
This data can be viewed and downloaded under Reports in Manage.

Enforce Validation

If unchecked users will be able to generate their document even if there are errors throughout their wizard, appropriate in some situations.

Update Document Fields

This option will update common Word fields upon document generation such as Table of Contents etc.

Hide Navigation Pane

Removes the navigation pane on the left side of produce.

Show Form Activity

When unchecked, details about this project will be removed from From Activity.

Match project version when loading in progress forms

When unchecked, in progression forms will continue to use the version they were launched on.

Restrict Availability Dates

Restricts the availability of the form between two dates.

Allow Offline Launch

This feature if turned ‘On’ allows tasks which contain data sources to be continued while offline (mobile clients)
Applies to Infiniti v9.6 or later

Allow Save

It is checked by default but an admin can now turn that option off. This controls whether users can save an in progress answer file or a regular answer file at the end of the project.